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Team 1675 (comprised of students from 4 MPS schools) took first at the 2017 FRC Wisconsin Regional competition. With that success, we will be going back to St. Louis in April from the 25th-30th to compete in Championships.

As described by FIRST on their website: 'students are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get.'

Learn more about us: http://team1675.net
Learn more about FIRST: http://www.firstinspires.org/

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$10,143 Raised since March 16, 2016

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  • MR R B FLEMING donated "Congratulations on making it to the championships again. Good luck and enjoy the journey."
  • Bryan Cooper donated "Best of luck!!" - via Justin Lanning
  • Nikiya Dodd donated "Best of luck! Great to learn about your successes at the President's Breakfast at Discovery World. "
  • Lynda Kohler donated "Fiona did a great job at Discovery World this morning. :) " - via Fiona Odum
  • Sandberg Family donated "Viking and his family wish all the best to you Champions of the Robot Nation!"
  • Rosalind Walker-Lewis donated "Soror Wright Best of Success to your daughters team! Soror Walker-Lewis" - via Jennifer Wright
  • Lamar Dismuke donated "Good luck to everyone!!" - via Jennifer Wright
  • Eunice Beckwith donated "Wishing MPS Robotis Team very best. " - via Jennifer Wright
  • JoAnne Williamson donated "So proud of you all! " - via Jennifer Wright
  • Janice Tucker donated - via Jennifer Wright
  • Michael McAleer donated "Good luck! "
  • Joel Brennan donated
  • BEN NELSON donated "Good luck and have fun!" - via Harrison Zacher
  • Mary Cebar-Stano donated "Yes, yes UPS! I look forward to watching the competition online."
  • Kathryn Widen donated "Bazinga!"
  • Suzanne and Richard Kelnhofer donated - via Harrison Zacher
  • Dan & Angie Schmidt donated - via
  • David Holty donated "good luck from Gump and Di" - via Tara Holty
  • The Widen Family donated "Wishing you all the best of skill, talent, fun and luck! Bring home a UPS win!"
  • Ian Hanley donated "A little support from Whitgift School across the pond. Thank you to Tim for all of his awesome resources!"
  • James O'Sullivan donated "Good luck all." - via
  • Scott "The physics cat" Smith donated "Go IB Physics! Keep up the great work!"
  • Claire Eichenberg donated "Good luck with your robot competition. Hope your team wins Tim!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Alexandre Frohlich donated "Hey Tim, Congratulations for qualifying again and thanks for all the help you provided me. IT was a life saver. Alex"
  • Grant Donnan donated "Good Luck team from SPH Indonesia, Happy to support as your teacher has done such an amazing job of assisting teachers"
  • “An anonymous donation was made "You guys should be proud of and grateful for your Physics teacher. "
  • Emajean Struve donated "Congratulations to all! We're proud of you Milo!"
  • Carol Muehlenbein donated "Ian so proud of you and your team. aunt carol"
  • Sandy Forbes donated "Hi Jack and Harrison--I enjoyed watching you in Milwaukee. Way to go and good luck in St. Louis. Sandy" - via Harrison Zacher

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